Friday, May 29, 2015

Why You Will Want to Train at Barbell Strategy

Hudson Elite Runner Addie Bracy working to qualify for 2016 Olympic Trials 3K Steeplechase. Looking to acquire more strength and injury resistance, Addie began working with me in August 2014. She qualified for the 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon with an A standard 2:35 time in December.

I am not very good at tooting my own horn. This may or may not be to my advantage. The internet is a cacophony of toots and tweets and twits trying to out shout, out brand or out-rage in a bid for attention, business, fame and fortune. I tried playing the Internet Branding game early on and it just didn't work for me. I always felt I was treading ever so closely to the line of overstating my credentials, overstating my abilities and overstating my results. So over the years I have switched my strategy somewhat. Instead of marketing myself, my credentials and my services as a Brand Randy, I now work to call attention to the results of the athletes I coach. In reality, their results are my product and their results are what they pay me for.

So here we go. Credentials: I'm a USAW National Coach, a Totten Training Systems Certified Advanced Olympic Weightlifting Coach and a professional member of the NSCA. I am the Vice President for the USA Weightlifting Colorado Local Weightlifting Committee, I teach the USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach Course and I am the head coach and President of Barbell Strategy Weightlifting Team. In an earlier phase of my career I was also a Team Leader Instructor with the Russian Kettlebell Challenge certification and a Certified Coach with the American Kettlebell Club. 

Ben Jaros competing in the 2014 Youth Nationals. Ben is 2015 Colorado State 69kg Junior Champion and also qualified for the 2016 Junior Nationals in King of Prussia PA

I have been a full time coach in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting since moving to Boulder in 2009. In that time I've programmed, coached and qualified 14 different lifters to advanced USA Weightlifting meets including: Youth Nationals, Junior Nationals, University Nationals, American Open Championships, National Championships, Masters Nationals, Masters Pan Ams, Masters World Cup and Masters Worlds. I have also coached numerous Colorado State Youth, Junior, Senior and Masters Champions.I have worked with lifters as young as 10 and as old as 75. Over the course of my six years in Colorado I have built one of the largest and most competitive Olympic Weightlifting Teams in Colorado, formerly the Flatirons Weightlifting Team and now known as Barbell Strategy Weightlifting Team. 

When Phil Locker began working with me his best lifts in competition were 90kg snatch/117kg clean and jerk.Four years later he made a 128kg snatch and this 162kg Clean and Jerk.   

One of the main goals I had when I arrived in Boulder was to build working relationships in the running community. I feel lucky indeed to be serving as the strength coach for Hudson Elite and coach Brad Hudson who  has produced more Olympic Trials qualifiers than any coach in the U.S. I also work with Rojas Running, one of  the top private Track and Field programs in the nation headed up by former two-time 15k world record holder Ric Rojas. 

Hudson Elite Athlete Maggie Callahan bears down for a third place finish in the 2015 Bolder Boulder 10k. 

If your desire is to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be, do what many of the best athletes from recreational to elite have already done. Join my colleagues Mike and Amy and me at our new facility in Boulder. We are the only gym in Boulder with both a USA Weightlifting National Coach and a USA Weightlifting Advanced Sports Performance coach on staff. Click on the main site tab above for more information. Guiding you along the path to that better you is what we do.We can't wait to meet you!

Hudson Elite Athlete Claudia Becque cruises to victory in the 2015 Eugene Half Marathon. Weight training plays an important role in helping Claudia stay injury free and improve running efficiency.