Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mile High Open at CrossFit Lakewood

It was a hot day outside and it was a hot day inside CrossFit Lakewood May 20th at the Mile High Weightlifting Open. Meet Director Rachel Crass did a great job keeping the meet moving forward. There was a very good turnout of talented lifters from all over the state and a good size audience throughout the day as well.

This was the first meet for the newly constituted Barbell Strategy Weightlifting Team. We are aiming for the Rocky Mountain State Games so we did not do a taper for this meet, rather we trained through it using as a practice meet.

Starting us off was Madeleine Foley who went 3/3 on her snatches with a PR 64Kg third attempt and 2/3 on her Clean and Jerk with a 73Kg best effort. Her total for the two lifts was a PR 137Kg.

Madeleine hitting her 73kg Clean and Jerk
EJ Isla lifted in the next session and had a breakout day in my opinion making all six of his attempts finishing with a 95Kg snatch, 120Kg Clean and Jerk and a 215Kg total. 

EJ finishes his 120Kg Clean and Jerk

We were right back at it with our program on Monday. Last hard session of this cycle, starting our competition cycle next week
Pause Overhead Squats