Thursday, June 11, 2015

Soft Opening Under Way

We have been open just three days now and already we are getting some significant buzz generated in the neighborhood. We've also gotten in some very productive training. Rocky Mtn State Games is just 6 weeks away and we have a few lifters also lifting in Lakewood at the Mile High Olympic Day Weightlifting Open.

We also have picked up some new sports performance athletes and weightlifters this week.

Welcome Hudson Elite athlete Alex Wolf-Root to our elite runners' strength program. He joins Maggie Callahan, Claudia Becque, Addie Bracy and Shannon Kinney on the "pain train".

Sean Montgomery who matriculates at Iowa State joins the weightlifting fun this summer while he is staying here in Boulder. (Trying to get him to transfer to CU!)

Happy to have our regulars in lifting. Jordan is nursing a back injury but is looking pretty smooth nonetheless.

EJ getting after some power jerks.

Still a little more work to get the space fully functional (waiting for some parts of the rig to be delivered so we can stand it up) but everyone is getting good workouts in.

Remember if you are joing Barbell Strategy from our previous facility, you have until July to be grandfathered in at your current rate. That rate will never go up (unless you leave and come back) and your dues will also allow you to take part in the strength and conditioning classes if you choose to.