Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Little Bit About the Rossiter System

Mike has a post up about the Rossiter Introduction, the "Relief-a-thon", we are hosting this Saturday. In it he quotes Richard Rossiter, the inventor of the techniques, about how Rossiter works. You can read that here: http://www.barbellstrategy.com/p/events.html  Richard will be here Saturday with another master of the techniques Ruth Nottage. This is a fabulous opportunity to experience this system from the absolute very best.

I wanted to say a few things about my experiences with Rossiter. I was first introduced to the Rossiter stretching workouts a couple of years ago by way of a post on Facebook by a strength coach colleague of mine who is also a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu player. He is not one to be easily impressed or effuse, so when he gushed about how Rossiter had cleared up the pain and stiffness of a nagging injury in just one session, I took notice. I have chronically sore hips from arthritis and have tried about every non-surgical means I've ever heard about to attenuate the discomfort. So I contacted the woman that had worked on my friend and set up an appointment.

It was as my friend described. "Not gentle and not pain free." In fact, I've never in my life experienced the degree of discomfort that I was asked to work through in that first session. But when I got off the floor to walk around, I was also in the least amount of pain with the freest gait I had in 5 years, which is when the arthritis started digging in. It was amazing. And the relief lasted for several days. I was hooked. I turned as many people on to Rossiter as possible.

At the moment, there is no medical cure for osteoarthritis, but I have to say Rossiter is the best method I've found for managing my condition and getting a good degree of relief and mobility restored. It's not massage, it's a form of "inside out" connective tissue stretching where your Rossiter practitioner applies weight with the foot (for most of the techniques) and coaches you through various movements to stretch the tissues. Rossiter calls the sessions "workouts" and they really are. The harder you work the more you get out of it.

As a result of my experiences, I became very interested in learning how to do the Rossiter techniques for the benefit of my athletes. It is great for pain relief, of course, but it is also a great modality for improving range of motion and flexibility in otherwise pain free individuals. It has also come in very handy with my athletes who have suffered an acute strain. I can provide them with some relief and mobility immediately which kick starts the healing process. Sometimes they can return to practice right away because the pain or stiffness cleared up immediately. To toot my own horn, I have completed two of the four levels of Rossiter training and I am available to work by appointment at Barbell Strategy. You can sign up through Front Desk or email me directly at randy@barbellstrategy.com

Please do come to the introduction this Saturday, 12-3 or whenever we run out of participants. It is free and if you are in pain Richard and Ruth will be happy to get you out of pain. I'll be pitching in and I am sure some other Rossiter Coaches will be stopping by. Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to get down on the floor (we will have padded mats) and back up several times during your session.

Note: There will be no Weightlifting Practice this Saturday to the Rossiter presentation.