Saturday, May 7, 2016

Front Range CrossFit Spring Meet Wrap Up

Last weekend we took a  team small in numbers but mighty in effort and results to the Front Range CrossFit Spring Weightlifting Meet.

Top to bottom, L-R: Jeremy Layport, Gold 105Kg Masters, Drew Wilson Gold 94Kg Masters, Jordan Pepe, Gold 69kg Open. Not pictured: Tim O'Connor , Gold, 85Kg Masters

We had 5 lifters compete and we came home with 4 gold medals! Mandi Schaeffer Fry and Jordan Pepe kicked off Saturday for us in the women's 69kg class. Mandi's friend from her Arizona days (and a weightlifting rock star herself) Heather Snethen along with EJ Isla loaded for us in the warmup room. Mandi had a tough day snatching failing to make her opener at 65Kg but came back and made two of three in her clean and jerks. Jordan continues to make progress after moving up to the 69kg class going 4:6 with 75/90/165. Just a few Kg off the qualifying total for American Open. FunFact: Jordan had the highest total of the day of all the women in all weight classes!

Sunday the men lifted. Master 85Kg Tim O'Connor went 5:6 and all PRs with a 53/60/113kg day. In the 94Kg session Master 94kg Drew Wilson won his session in his very first weightlifting meet with a  5:6 118/130kg day. Incidentally, Drew is the new Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the CU Buffs Football Team. Lifting in the Masters 105kg Class, also a Strength and Conditioning Coach for CU Football, Jeremy Layport continued his weightlifting comeback with a 4:6 130/150/280 performance. Jeremy is now just 2kg shy of the Qualifying total for American Open in the 94kg class.

Our next big meet will be the Rocky Mountain State Games in July.