Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Strength Training Alternative Facts

I'm not going to engage in serious political discourse here, but I, like many other folks around the world, found Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway's phrase, "Alternative Facts" a bit Orwellian, a bit outrageous and if you can be amused by creeping fascism, actually pretty funny. 

As Daniel Patrick Moynihan (look it up) famously observed, "You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts." "Alternative Fact" is just political double speak for an outright prevarication or at best, a disprovable perception or myth. 

So I thought it would be fun to present a list of alternative facts as they pertain to my particular area of expertise. 

31 Alternative Facts in Weightlifting and Strength Training

1) Muscle turns into fat if you stop lifting weights
2) Weightlifting is dangerous.
3) Weightlifting will stunt children's growth and damage growth plates.
4) Squats damage the knees
5) Weightlifting makes you slow
6) Weightlifting exercises should imitate sports specific movements
7) Weightlifting will make you big and bulky
8) Weightlifting takes unecessary time away from sports practice
9) Runners shouldn't lift weights because they only need endurance, not muscular strength
10) The Sots Press is done from behind the neck with a snatch grip
11) Genetics don't matter: with enough hard work anyone can go pro 
12) Online "canned" lifting programs are sound if the online coach is online famous
13) The best weightlifting teams have the best online marketing
14) Weightlifting makes you less flexible
15) More is better
16) Supplements are absolutely necessary
17) Deadlifts damage your back
18) Weightlifting increases risk of injury
19) Cardio is more effective than weightlifting for general health
20) Machines are safer and more effective than free weights
21) Strength training causes high blood pressure
22) You should never lock out the joints while weight training
23) Weightlifting exercises should be done slow and to failure
24) Powerlifting is more effective than Olympic Weightlifting for sports training
25) Olympic Weightlifting is more effective than Powerlifting for sports training
26) Instability training with weights is more effective than weight training on a stable surface
27) Weightlifting will make you too sore to perform your sport
28) Weightlifting strength does not carryover to endurance sports
29) Holding your breath during squats (Valsalva maneuver) causes strokes
30) Weightlifting is boring and no fun
31) Online coaches know more than your real life coach (because they are online, duh)

Mac Crawford, a former lifter of ours demonstrates the flexibility required to do a proper Sots Press.