Monday, April 2, 2018

May Weightlifting Camp

May 18, 19 and 20 we will be having an Adult Weightlifting Camp. There will be a Friday evening workout, three workouts on Saturday and two workouts Sunday. There will also be presentations on Core Strength and Nutrition. Our two principal coaches will be Zygmunt Smalcerz and Carissa Gump.

Because we live in the internet social media age and everything therein revolves around shiny and new information I am writing this blog to provide you with a little biographical information about these two veteran coach/athletes from bygone Olympics. It's only been a hot minute since the biggest things on the fitness/weighttlifting web were Grid, Klokov, MDS and the catapult technique. And now? Exactly.

Carissa Gordan Gump

Carissa snatching at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
I've known Carissa since at least 2009 and I think we bumped into each other occasionally at Moorestown NJ East Coast Gold meets prior to that. We co-led a workshop back in 2009 (if I recall correctly) with David Miller here in Boulder at the old Flatirons CrossFit. Her dedication to Olympic Sports is unmatched and she has dedicated her post competition professional life to furthering the Olympic movement.

For more details on her life and career arc, here is a nice interview by Matt Foreman from some years back. I am presenting the following stats from that interview for your consideration, inspiration and for some of you boys who think you are all that, some deserved humiliation (humble is good!)

63Kg Class
Competition Personal Bests:
Snatch: 92kg
Clean & Jerk: 120kg

Training Personal Bests:
Snatch: 95kg
Clean & Jerk: 128kg
Front Squat: 2x150kg
Back Squat: 1x179.5kg
Push Press: 115kg
Power Jerk: 115kg
Jerk: 130kg
Power Clean: 115kg
Power Snatch: 83kg

Zygmunt on his way to the Gold Medal at the 1972 Munich Olympics
Zygmunt Smalcerz

Zygmunt was born in 1941. Which makes him 77 this year. But physically he is really closer to 17 when you watch him move around a weightroom, making corrections, leading a group warmup, demonstrating technique. Energy personified. A force of nature. Seriously.

Competing for Poland in the old 52kg class, Zygmunt was the Olympic Gold Medalist in 1972 at Munich. He is also a 4 time Gold and 1 time Bronze medalist at the World Championships and a 4 time European Champion. He also held the world record snatch for a time at 103kg.

He is the former Polish National coach and in 2010 became USA Weightlifting's National Resident Athlete coach. Zygmunt is an amazing resource, a seemingly bottomless wellspring of knowledge when it comes to not only weightlifting, but all around athletic movement.

Zygmunt teaching my athlete Phil Locker the finer points of a dynamic start at the OTC.
So these are your main instructors, I'll be around too to help out with coaching duties and more importantly learning what I can from these two master coaches. Now a hard truth here: I frequently get requests for events like this and when we finally get something together no one ever signs up. Why? It is up to you to participate if we are going to have nice things like this in Boulder! So sign up now! This is for your development after all!